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“Amazingly hard workers. The introductory rate is well worth the services and amount of cleaning they get done. These guys make busy life so much easier to manage”
–Richard (

housekeeping clean bathtub before and after

“I got in on the “first timer” deal. I’m so happy I did! Brianna came with her own supplies and got right to work. I don’t think she ever stopped. My house smells and looks amazing. Her attention to detail was impeccable…..she even found some photos I had laying down, dusted them and put them back up. I will DEFINITELY be calling them again. Thank you!”
–Angie (facebook)

housekeeping clean oven before and after

“Very professional. We have had almost everyone on their staff come and clean, they all work hard, clean great, and only stay as long as you want them to. Very friendly, but they work more than talk. They are great to work with, and if they didn’t clean something you wanted them to, you just have to tell them.”
–Rachael  (facebook)

home cleaning clean toilet before and after

“I really appreciated Koality’s workers for being thorough and friendly. They were even willing to take my things from upstairs to downstairs. It’s wonderful to know I can depend on them when I need some honest house cleaning and helpers in my home.”
— Corena  (

home cleaning clean bathtub before and after

“We’ve got 4 bachelors here and 3 of my renters share a bathroom. It’s kind if hard to figure out who gets to clean the toilet. Breann and Jessica come find you if they finish their current task and keep going till it’s time to go home. Highly recommended. Cortney I can’t find you on yelp but if you’re there send me a link.”
— Matthew  (facebook)

home cleaning clean ceiling before and after

“We were very happy with their work and will have them back on a regular basis. They were on time, had all their supplies. They were fast and efficient, did what I asked them to.”
–Ed  (facebook)

housekeeping clean wall before and after

“Excellent cleaning at a reasonable price. Professional and efficient. Will definitely recommend to others.”
–Meggan  (facebook)

housekeeping clean fridge before and after

“They provided fast, excellent, thorough service when I hired them to clean my sister’s home as a gift to her. She loved it! Definitely worth hiring! Great price, too.”
–Joy  (facebook)

home cleaning clean blinds before and after