Do you clean offices?
Yes. We can clean your office, home, and we do construction cleanups.

How does your pricing work?
We have a couple pricing options. We can be booked per hour or per job. You can hire us to come in and work for a certain number of hours, or you can book us to complete a specific job. We can help you determine which is going to be the best option for you. There is also a $10 service fee for each job. A $50 non refundable deposit is required for each booking also, which is used toward your total due at time of appointment.

Do you do organizing?
Yes. HOWEVER, that is not a service we can guarantee your satisfaction on since everyone has different expectations for it. It is best for you to pick up clutter (laundry, toys, etc) around your home before we get there so we can spend our time cleaning. If you do choose to have us organize, please understand that it will be time consuming.

Is there a discount for using KHK services regularly?
Yes. There is a discount for using us weekly or biweekly. Plus, be sure to like and follow us on facebook to earn additional discounts periodically!

Do you clean carpets?
We do not shampoo carpets. We do have a shop vac which works very well for dirt and other dry messes/garbage.

What can you not do?
Insurance does not allow us to use a ladder to get to high places, however we can use a step stool and reach most areas.

How far will you travel?
Anywhere within 30 miles of Salt Lake City.

Do you have a minimum booking requirement?
If you live outside of Salt Lake Valley there is a 3 hour minimum, unless you use us regularly, then it is a 2 hour minimum. Within Salt Lake Valley is a 2 hour minimum always.